Dental Implants

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Today, once you lose teeth you have more options than ever before: you can replace them with bridges, dentures or implants. Replacement is critical, because once a tooth is lost your remaining teeth move to fill the void and the chances that your jawbone will recede increase exponentially.

Learn more about dental implants:

Dental Implants

Bridges can (and dentures always do) escalate your vulnerability to bone loss. Dental implants, however, exert direct force to the bone—much like natural teeth—and reduce that risk. With proper care, implants are your most permanent solution. Once restored, they look and function like natural teeth without compromising your remaining teeth.

What you should know before you begin:


1. NEVER remove healthy teeth. In fact, your best choice is nearly always to try to save your natural teeth.
2. Not all surgeons are equally skilled. While it has never been easier to get information, choose your sources wisely. Talk with your prospective doctors and their patients.
3. Think long-term: you don’t have to choose between functionality and appearance. Innovative dental procedures can rebuild your jawbone so your health and esthetics are restored


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