Dental Implant Story – Stanley Pappelbaum, MD

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A nationally recognized physician finds Dr. Bahat only after a near-death experience following a multi-tooth extraction.


My background

I started out as a pediatric cardiologist with UC San Diego School of Medicine. Subsequently, I led the Children’s Cardiac Center (which serves San Diego and Imperial counties in California). Many years later, I was awarded a fellowship by the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I earned an MBA.

I then became managing partner of a nationwide consulting group advising complex healthcare systems. I also held management positions with institutions such as ScrippsHealth in San Diego and the Steadman entities in Colorado.

My dental implant story

When I needed to have several teeth extracted, I went to someone who was considered “the best” dentist in my city.

Several weeks later, I developed a low grade fever and profound fatigue. I was diagnosed with a blood infection, a right lung full of pus, severe anemia and abnormal kidney function. I was hospitalized for two weeks. I had a six months convalescence at home, after which I was slowly able to regain my strength.

After this experience, I consulted with health professionals that I trusted to seek the best possible dentist to oversee completion of my complex dental issues.

I narrowed my choices down to three exceedingly prominent and capable dentists.

I chose Dr. Bahat because he was compassionate and exuded competence—he stood out even amongst the best of his peer dental practitioners.

Dr. Bahat eliminated the ongoing infection, performed multiple surgeries and replaced the missing teeth with 13 implants. It’s been almost three years now, and I’m in perfect health. Back to work and able to enjoy biking and hiking normally.

My advice for other patients

If your teeth look like they can’t be saved, get to Dr. Bahat before having any extractions. I learned the hard way that my oral health is directly related to my overall health. Dr. Bahat, in my opinion, is a consummate professional of extraordinary capability.

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